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Artist Interview: Butterjunk

Hello. In your own words, how would you describe your sound and style?
Our sound is a mush mash of 80s and 90s inspired dream pop, with core foundation of modern indie and alternative guitar music. We have taken more recent inspiration from American post punk and Australian pysch.

You’ve just released your latest single “Mona Lisa”. What is the story behind the song and its title? What themes and ideas influence your music and writing?
The story behind ML is lyrically based around trying to cheer someone up but it never working and how eventually sometimes you just realise it might be because you’re not a match. As always our music might sound quite major based with some deep ass lyrics. Standard Butterjunk.

Do you have any plans for the year ahead that you would like to share with us? Also, what would you like to achieve in the upcoming year?
We are about to go on our first tour in November which is a real buzz and we want to play as many shows as possible. We have an EP played and hopefully will sneak in some festival slots along the way.

What advice do you have specifically for other north east artists? And what advice do you have for artists in general?
Just be yourselves and play as many shows as possible without being ripped off by junkie promoters (very hard). PS always ask for fees first – one guy tried to pay us in whispa golds.
Newcastle is the friendliest place in the world so share your music with everyone you can and make some axe friends along the way!

Lastly, what artists are on your radar that you would recommend others listen to & see live?
WH Lung, Ciel, Palma Louca and Tay Temple who’s supporting us in Manchester. All class acts who are super tight!!

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