Free Services

Gig Fee Advice
We understand that it can be difficult to assess how fair or equitable a gig offer may be. As such, we offer free independent advice to all artists wishing to check whether the gig fee or ticket deal they are being offered by a venue/promoter is reasonable. Contact us via email for free, impartial advice.

Professional Services Advice
If you have been approached by a prospective manager, label, booking agent or PR brand who may be interested in working with you, we can provide free neutral advice. In relation to this we can share our knowledge of: common practices in these fields; reasonable fees and percentages for all parties concerned; advice on what to look out for and what questions to ask. The advice we can give stems from, and is informed by, our own knowledge and experiences in the music industry – for legal advice we recommend speaking to the Musicians’ Union and/or a music lawyer.

Release Strategy Advice
Writing, rehearsing, and recording music is just half of the story: releasing your music, and maximising its reach, is the other half. To help, we offer free advice for: distribution (the pros and cons of different distributors), planning and conducting your release strategy, and can recommend reputable PR services for you to consider.

You can contact us for any of these services via: