Artist Interviews

Artist Interview: Bosola

Hello, Bosola. In your own words, how would you describe your sound and style?
We are an alternative guitar rock band who make energetic tunes with forlorn lyrics. We take influence from The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Manic Street Preachers, Big Thief and The Replacements. We like writing gloomy bangers.

You’ve just released your latest single: “Me On A Good Day”. What is the story behind the song and what does it mean to you? 
The song was written at a time in my life in which the curtains all were drawn back at the same time and found that all the stories I had been told started to ring empty and everything started to feel pointless and I felt tired all the time. Existing almost entirely on cigarettes and black coffee my parents suggested I might benefit from a more varied diet. I started taking two beroccas in the morning. At the time the slogan of berocca was ‘You, on a good day’. I reworked the slogan as a sarcastic and barbed reminder of my inadequacy and apathy at the time. It feels good to have expressed that, processed it and be living life in a more meaningful ways these days. 

You’ve been very active as a band, releasing a string of singles leading up to an EP and working with a Glasgow-based label. Where do you find the energy and what keeps you all motivated?
Well this has been our first year as a band and it’s actually really fun and energising to be writing, recording and performing together live. We’ve also been able to get out and watch live music which also gives us a buzz so that too. Also playing band badminton matches and drinking less.

Bosola (Photo Credit: Harvey Kuyck Cohen)

What do you have planned for the rest of this year and, more importantly, what does 2022 hold in store for you?
In 2022 we’ve got a gig in Stockton in January, a two legged gig swap with Deliberator Records  label mates Silver Haar in February between Glasgow and Newcastle, then we are putting on a gig called Split the Bill in April where we will be playing with local bands Sirens and The Avelons. Hopefully later in the year we might get some support slots and festival shows, fingers crossed. We are also planning to put out 3 singles over the first half of 2022 and maybe a physical EP on cassette or CD. We might also squeeze in some recording at some point.

What advice do you have specifically for other north east artists? And what advice do you have for artists in general?
Get out and support the scene whenever you can and don’t be scared to put on nights and gigs yourself. I think 2021 is the year where the North East Scene also made an ethical stance against abuse so yeah be nice to each other and be wary of working with companies who might treat you or the people who work for them badly.

In terms of industry infrastructure, are there any organisations in or around the north east that you would recommend that other artists reach out to for advice and support?
Pillar Artists have been hugely supportive, as have Narc magazine and Afterlight Management.

Lastly, what artists are on your radar that you would recommend others listen to & see live?
Good question. I think some good acts to check out would be: Holiday in Tokyo, Silver Haar, Riotous Monks, Waves of Dread , Ren Lawton, and One Million Motors.

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