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Forward NE

What is Forward NE and what does it hope to achieve?
Forward NE is a supportive network for female, trans and non-binary musicians, working for equality and diversity in the North East music scene. We’ll be doing this via workshops, seminars, networking and industry insights, and we’re really hoping this activity will be shaped by the participants’ needs.
Our core group is made up of women with several decades of experience between us, and vast contacts and networks to call upon to help provide additional support.

Forward NE Logo

How can others become involved?
We really want our activity to be shaped by those in the industry, so we’re encouraging people to join our first event on Tuesday 27th April at 6pm via Zoom to meet like-minded people and have an informal chat about what we can do moving forward, sign up for a free ticket here:

Why is this needed?
While things may have improved over recent years, the playing field is nowhere near level for women and gender minorities in the music industry. In our region alone there are more male promoters than female; you’re more likely to come across all-male line-ups at gigs and festivals and gender minorities are often not represented at all. Nationally, women make up just 19% of artists signed to UK music labels in 2019*; female acts accounted for just 10% of the most played songs by British artists on BBC Radio 1 and 6Music from June 19-20**. There are also deeper underlying issues around safe spaces and how women, trans and non-binary musicians are treated in the industry.
* Research conducted by Vick Bain, Counting the Music Industry: The Gender Gap
** Guardian article

Are there any other organisations or resources you’d recommend to others too?
There are some great organisations in the North East already highlighting some important research and pushing for change. Check out the likes of Tits Upon Tyne, Sister Shack CIC, Crystallized, Newcastle Council’s Shout Up campaign, labels like Coat Rack Records and Rebel Rose, champions like Sheesiders and Hun.

How can people find out more about Forward NE?
Check us out on social media:
People can also email us at

How can people stay up to date with Forward NE? Are there social media accounts or a mailing list that people can join or follow?
We’ll be keeping people informed on our activity via a mailing list, which can be signed up to here:

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